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Cargo insurance

Insurance is the guarantee of peace and confidence. The cargo insurance is essential for stable and efficient operation of the company, which is organizing cargo transportation.

The company "WWL" seeks to protect its clients from all sorts of material risks during the cargo freight. For over than 10 years "WWL" is cooperating with some of the largest insurance companies in the Europe region - "GROUPAMA" and "INTER HANNOVER".

"WWL", "GROUPAMA" and "INTER HANNOVER" provide the cargo insurance "With responsibility for all risks." This insurance includes the cover of losses from damage or total loss of cargo or part thereof, arising from any cause, except for commonly used exclusions (as it is set in the Civil Code of Russia, in the Rules of the Institute of London Underwriters). "WWL", "GROUPAMA" and "INTER HANNOVER" guarantee full compensation for material damage caused by the occurrence of insured events.

The features of cargo insurance:
  • Free transfer of policy
  • Insurance in accordance with the factory price of the cargo
  • the possibility of insurance under the general (open) policy
  • in case of the insured event - an immediate departure of surveyor to the scene of event at any point
The tariff of cargo insurance depends on:
  • the terms and conditions of transportation
  • amount of insurance liability
  • mode of transportation
  • the nomenclature of cargo
  • the nature of the route and its extent
  • other factors influencing the risk of loss or damage
Factors affecting the rate reduction:
  • the positive statistics of previous operations
  • regularity of freights, their volume, the drawing-up of the General contract
  • implementation of measures to reduce the risk of the insured event