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"Every day we calculate dozens of effective multimodal transport schemes around the world, so that our customers can save time and money."

Multimodal shipments

By offering to our customers the "Door to Door" type of delivery, "WWL" provides multimodal transportation, i.e., the transportation of the same cargo by different modes of shipment. Often multimodal shipment is the only possible way of transportation.

In order to accelerate the delivery and to reduce the total costs we develop an optimal logistics scheme for each client individually, taking into account the feasibilities of all land, sea and air transport means.

We coordinate the actions of all parties involved in this process: the cargo owners and the carriers.

We track the route of cargo, the delivery time and we execute all necessary documents.

The company "WWL" is solely responsible for the entire chain of multi-modal transportation, starting from loading of Your cargo at the warehouse till the delivery to the point of discharge.

Why should You entrust the multimodal transportation specialists?

Suppose you need to send the cargo to Russia from the U.S., from China or from the UK. Such transportation includes a variety of stages, involving different types of transport. To determine the cheapest and fastest option of delivery is not as easy as it may seem. There are many challenges in order to get the right decisions that require considerable expertise.

Whether to send the cargo to port in the truck or in the railway wagon?

Whether in the port to freight the boat or to arrange repacking and reloading in all-purpose shipping container?

Whether in the port of destination to unload cargo from the container and to carry on truck or directly to load the container on the truck?

Or is it more advantageous to accumulate cargo in the port of destination and send it by the railway?

How to properly take into account all the nuances in the consolidation, storage and packaging of goods?

The experts of the company "WWL" daily calculate a lot of complicated options for organization of multi-modal transportation worldwide. Always to make the right decision in the planning of transport schemes, precisely keep to the terms and provisions of delivery - this is our dignity, for which the clients respect us and trust us the provision of transportation of their cargo.