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"Every day we calculate dozens of effective multimodal transport schemes around the world, so that our customers can save time and money."

International Rail Freight

Railroad transport is a priority direction in the operation of the company "WWL". We provide the services of organization of cargo transportation by railway in European countries, in Baltic States, CIS and Asia. "WWL" connects the European narrow-gauge railway and the broad-gauge railway in Russia. It allows us to deliver Your cargo from any point in Europe to any point in Russia very efficiently in shortest possible time and without involving more expensive transportation such as automobile.

The company "WWL" provides a full range of services in the sphere of international railway freight:

  • The provision of rolling stock on the warehouse driveways or to the general location of railway stations
  • Consultations regarding the organization and clearance of railway freight
  • The freight clearance through customs
  • Preparing of technological documentation for loading. The placement and securing of loads on the rolling stock
  • Professional unfastening the cargo in the wagon
  • Managing the loading and unloading work
  • Acceptance and unloading of cargo at the destination stations, delivery "to door"
  • Cargo transportation from warehouse to wagon without the participation of the client
  • Transportation of hazardous and oversized cargo
  • We provide the calculation of cargo transportation costs when delivering in the shortest time through the territories of Europe, Russia and CIS.
For railway freight we provide box wagons, gondola cars and transportation on platforms. All types of rolling stock are possible in the railway freight. Conveniently located driveways and storage areas of our company allows us to make loading and shipment of cargo in the shortest time

The company "WWL" guarantees the flawless execution of contractual obligations to customers, the responsible approach to the organization of the transportation of cargo and complete security of delivery. All freight is insured with the company “INTER HANNOVER”, “GROUPAMA”.

Railroad transportation is reliable and most economical mode of delivery, especially at high volumes. This type of traffic is distinguished by the absence seasonality, which influences the formation of tariffs using other types of transportation.

The main advantage of the railway freight delivery is its optimality in the ratio "price - delivery time." The use of large rolling stocks allows simultaneously carrying different cargoes in different types of wagons, namely:  

  • box wagons (120 m3, 138m3, 158m3) with carrying capacity up to 68 tons
  • open wagons (with tightly closed bottoms and with hatches)
  • platforms
  • refrigerators
  • thermoses
  • tanks for transportation of various liquids