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"Many years of experience in the cargo transportation has allowed us to study in detail the needs of our clients and to develop an effective and reliable storage that meets the needs of virtually any sphere of business."


It is impossible to solve logistical tasks without a warehouse. The handling of cargo in the warehouse and cargo storage is an important element in the supply chain. The company “WWL”, is being engaged in cargo transportation for many years, it is constantly expanding its warehousing capabilities for the needs of its clients. The warehouses for storage of your cargo for 30 days are absolutely free of charge.

The convenient geographical location of our transit warehouses provides the effective organization of cargo transportation throughout Europe. "WWL" warehouses are located in Western Europe, the Bal tics and Scandinavia:

  • Germany - Rostock, Kiel, Lübeck, Travemünde
  • Italy – Milan, Verona
  • Latvia – Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja
  • Lithuania – Klaipeda
  • Estonia – Tallinn
  • Finland - Niiralan, Turku, Kotka
  • Sweden – Malmo, Carlshamn
  • Denmark – Fredericia
If necessary, we will find versions of warehousing in other European cities. We also provide wagonload shipments from our warehouses to anywhere in Russia.

"WWL" offers indoor heated or unheated warehouse for all types of cargo. In our warehouses You can store a whole range of contemporary products: alcohol, food, bulk or packaged unit cargo, etc., the cargo on pallets or in boxes, as well as all types of agricultural or other machinery. At the disposal of our clients there are also customs warehouses intended for temporary storage of transit cargo still without custom clearance and custom formalities.

The complex of warehousing includes all procedures that serve not only for keeping Your cargoes in safety, but also for their rational placement, as well as for obtaining all necessary documentation, for keeping the track of all eventual cargo relocation. The warehouses are equipped with the latest developments in automation of storage that can optimize the process of storing and the fast performance of the required warehousing operations, for ensuring the careful storage of cargo in the warehouse and observation of all the rules regarding their servicing.